Breakout Session
See Stan in Action on Chef Race

Stan Frazier can’t cook in silence.

Depending on his mood, tunes ranging from David Bowie to Slayer and Madonna to Bill Evans can be heard pouring out of his two-story home in Newport Beach.

“I need to have music playing when I’m involved in the craft of cooking because it puts me in such a good mindspace,” said Frazier, one of the investors in A Restaurant & Market in Newport. “To me, they go so hand-in-hand that the music player needs to be switched on before I even tie my apron. It’s a key element of my process.”

Music and food are the two dominant forces that constitute Frazier’s personal ethos. Wildly popular for his 25-year stint as rock band Sugar Ray’s drummer and principal songwriter, Frazier has now playing with Side Deal and plans to be in the breakout sessions as well as the feature band on Saturday the 4th at 7:00 PM