From Salt Lake City, Utah
Genre: Rock!

Steel Badger

Steel Badger was founded in August 2015 by the headman/lead vocalist Blake Sharette, lead guitarist Jordan Saucier, rhythm guitarist Joshua Jackson, bassist Nathan Badge, and Jake Larsen on drums. Steel Badger was primarily composed of music majors attending Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Starting out their career playing at the Ephraim campus, Steel Badger quickly became a local favorite. After a few shows, Jake Larsen left the band and was replaced by Jorge Salas Quesada who was another percussionist attending Snow College. After a hand full of shows Jorge also took a leave from the band was replaced by the current drummer Isaac Linares.

Steel Badger gigged around Salt Lake area including Draper, Provo, Alpine, and Sandy in the summer of 2016 and had a decent amount of success. Headman Blake Sharette took a 2-year leave from the band and was replaced by vocalist Marcus Hernandez and Sarah Hakes are the current vocalists for the band.

They have been a crowd favorite wherever they have played. Steve and I our proud to have them be our free concert at MusicCon SLC. They will open up the Venue at 4:00 pm on Friday Night. A great way to get things started.