From Newport Beach, CA
Genre: Rock!

Side Deal

SIDE DEAL is a band of five friends from various performing and touring bands who have come back to their hometown of Newport Beach to rekindle a love of music. Charlie Colin (Founding Member of TRAIN), Stan Frazier & Murphy Karges (Founding Members of SUGAR RAY), and Joel & Scott Owen (PawnShop kings) have known each other for many years but never played music together.

That changed one night in 2016 when Charlie called Stan to come down and jam with him at the Lido Theater in Newport when his band, Painbirds, was performing with Skunk Baxter (The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan) to a sold-out crowd. Stan invited Scott & Joel that night which resulted a month later in the two of them collaborating at the follow up show where, as the fate of SIDE DEAL would have it, Murphy had come to hang. When Murphy jumped up on bass, all five guys stood onstage together for the first time.

In this spirit of collaboration, SIDE DEAL exists not only to reshape and play the songs they are known for, but to maintain an ever-revolving door of friends from bands loved around the world to join in on the fun with theirs (click HERE – COMING SOON) to view the list of friends as it grows).

Charlie, Joel, Scott, Murphy & Stan are currently writing music and playing live shows in 2017